Prairie Sangha Dhamma Lineage Stories Vision

Five sanghas from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta have come together to create a special lineage story circle series for our Prairie Sangha. Our vision is to honour and deepen our prairie dhamma through learning more about the lineage of our beautiful practice. And we are delighted to be collaborating with IMS Online to bring this to the wider community!

We have invited our teachers to share stories about their teachers, to honour our gratitude to the Asian roots of the practice; to give a sense of teachings being handed down, generation to generation; and to give a sense of current practitioners as carrying this precious gift forward.

The teachers who are joining us all have all taught in the prairies, or have a close connections here, and also have close connections with the Asian roots of the practice. And of course, these are the beloved teachers of the wider community, also. We extend a warm prairie welcome to all practitioners in honouring the ancestors of so many of us!

This is an annual series of Fall, Winter and Spring Lineage Story Circles, spanning the next 3 (or more) years. We will build a virtual lineage image, adding to it as each teacher tells their stories so that we have a visual sense of the heritage that informs our practice. We will be inviting dana for our beloved teacher story tellers.

Who we are

Our five co-hosts have had such joy coming together as the Prairie Sangha. The Two Rivers Insight Meditation Community of Winnipeg, the Regina Insight Meditation Community, Calgary Insight Meditation Society, Edmonton Insight Meditation, and the Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community are delighted to extend this big welcome together. We are looking forward to deepening our refuge in the teachings together, through these Dhamma Lineage Stories.

You can find out more about our individual sanghas at